Posted by: stelladuffy | January 22, 2009

on a very different note

this is published today. I do like the name placement on front cover …


sorry, can’t find anything bigger than a thumbnail. funny that.


  1. I ordered this yesterday! Looking forward to guessing who wrote which story…

  2. How funny – I nearly bought this in Waterstone’s the other day – it was in their 3 for 2… (they obviously don’t hold out great hopes for it…)


    I bought the Diana Athill one, a Murakami and the Sadie Jones one [for Mrs. J. Crawford-Snagge, you understand…].

    I only buy books by Japanese authors, or those who’ve been nominated for awards by global coffee corporations, as you can see…

    Oh well, I’ll have to find another two to go with it now, I suppose…

    J. Crawford-Snagge

    p.s. liked the Christmas one in the Grauniad – must get round to reading more of yours soon

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