Posted by: stelladuffy | February 8, 2009

‘full time writing’ on the go

As per my early piece about ‘full time writing’, having finished my edit, but HUNGRY to read what I’ve re-written (read on paper, I have read it on screen, but I always need to read a print copy to make sure it’s ok, and make further changes too), instead of getting down to reading the edit, I am about to spend the next two weeks doing events in Halifax, Cambridge, Ramsgate, Watford and Brighton, plus three in London. That’s a LOT of train time. Let’s hope they’re running smoothly! It’s no complaint, much as I’d like to sit quietly in my office reading, this is part of the writing life too, meeting people, doing readings, library events, being engaged as a person in the real world, not retreating to whatever an ivory tower might look like perched just off Coldharbour Lane!! maybe I’ll print up a few chapters and take them with me though …

(and for Fiona, I practice the buddhism of Nichiren Daishonin, so a buddhist weekend for me is tiring, exciting, exhausting, joyous, loud, involved, totally centred in my home locale, and just right for a new year kick-off. I feel enthused and engaged and revived. now to tackle those train journeys …)

how nice

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