Posted by: stelladuffy | March 18, 2009

How to Write a Mills and Boon (again)

on telly (tonight), ten past midnight (ok, tomorrow then), BBC2. ooh, terrestrial!

and re 12.10am – such a shame it had to be pre-watershed in the first place, all that raunch we could have kept in!!


  1. Really enjoyed that, Stella, if you don’t mind me just crashing up on here without so much as a hello first! It was really interesting to see that side of publishing (I’m a publicist for a publisher) and to see how very tight and controlled the Mills and Boon stories are. The popularity is lost on me, not being the target market, but I imagine they appear to be easy to write and that a lot of people think they can knock one out very easily which is a huge mistake.

    Your story sounded really interesting. I have to ask if you were gripped enough by it to finish it, or perhaps transplant some of the core nuggets into something else?

    A really interesting show, there’s not enough book shows on TV which is a shame!

  2. Stella

    Really enjoyed your journey

    Would love to know how you got started – ie, your first book published and how you got it marketed

    I have just self-published my first novel but am finding it difficult to promote and distribute

    Any suggestions?


  3. thanks guys. glad you enjoyed it. I loved making it, though hasten to add the ‘week in Tuscany’ was actually two fifteen hour filming days in the real world! not quite so shiny perhaps … (and I’ve never been away to write, not sure I’d really like to, I like the stability of my office and my things around me.)

    specifically :
    Jon, no I didn’t finish the M&B book, it would have just taken too long (at 55,000 words) away from the book I was actually commissioned to write and half way through at the time of filming. I do think there’s a good germ of an idea there though, and was delighted M&B editor agreed, and certainly mean to do something with it one day. Though possibly not a book …

    Mark : see the about me/my books pages above for how I got started (same as everyone else really, wrote a book, sent off 3 ch’s and synopsis to a few agents, had a couple of rejections and then was taken on, agent did the selling … that makes it sound very simple, of course the waiting and the wanting and rejection and acceptance mean it’s not, BUT it kind of is too – make the work as well as you can, get it out there, hope someone bites …)
    Sorry, I don’t know anything about self-publishing, promotion or distribution – that’s what publishers are for I suspect! But I have heard some people have done very well with self-publishing, I imagine it’s the same old same old – getting your name out there somehow. Am sure someone will have written about it, how they made their huge self-publishing success … there’s bound to be a relevant blog somewhere!

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