Posted by: stelladuffy | August 6, 2009

when it’s going well …

check out Charlie Williams’ blog and his One Shot idea.

lovely concept (ask a bunch of writers one question, post the answers) and brilliant answers to “when it’s going well, what does writing feel like for you?”

It’s no surprise to me that so many reply saying how rare that is, exciting and scary, that actually, the joy comes in HAVING WRITTEN, am also delighted to see how many speak about getting themselves out of the way of the story. (or – no article – story!)
Great piece.


  1. Wonderful post. I like the first one, “Kissing God” the best. It’s a perfect description. There haven’t been too many of those moments during the course of writing my noveling blog, Uninvoked, but when it’s going well it’s going really well.

    Sorry for grammar. Can’t type at 6AM.

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