Posted by: stelladuffy | October 22, 2009

why I’ll be watching QT tonight

Because I’d rather the vileness was in the open than festering hidden – the ‘oxygen of publicity’ is far too Thatcherite a concept for me to embrace.
Also :
Because Bonnie Greer is a great woman, writer, speaker.
Because if I want Israel to talk to Hammas (and I do) then how can I say ‘we’ shouldn’t talk to ‘them’?
Because dialogue is ALWAYS the key.
Because they are a legal party – as such they do get a right to speak. If they are not legal then we ban them and they do their thing underground giving them more sensation and more power, but they ARE legal, and when they’re in the public eye then we know who and where they are.
Because it’s ‘them’ who want to ban things/people/ideas – not ‘us’!
Because yes, their leader is a pretty good speaker, and too damn plausible, and we really need to know what we’re dealing with.
Because censorship is not action, it’s reaction.
(though I’ll be at theatre & watching it later anyway …)

* and see? it’s even possible to talk about all of this without even saying the party name or that of the leader. hurrah!


  1. Well said, Stella. Those are the reasons I will be watching too–though I did have to think about whether huge viewing figures will be taken as some sort of support credentials by said party. I listened to the deputy on Jeremy Vine Show last Friday–and it was an instructive lesson in twisted words and rampant racism. He started off nice, but as soon as his (son of immigrant parents) ‘opponent’ started scoring points in a very reasonable manner, the gloves came off and he revealed the deeply nasty and uncomfortable politics he believes in with just a few barbed words.

    Lucy @

  2. Brilliant piece, Stella. Rational, thoughtful and well-argued. Articulates what I’m thinking when what I’m feeling is much more brutal, angry and directly confrontational. Even when you’re talking about the worst of humanity you reach out to the best. Makes me love you even more, pet!

  3. loving you back Geordie boy, xx

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