Posted by: stelladuffy | May 6, 2010


and hoping and concerned and engaged.
shocked that there are still those who won’t/don’t vote.
angry with those who say they don’t care and think they’re all the same anyway.
annoyed with the press that beefed up the expenses scandals to encourage the distrust.
loving that facebook has become a place of political debate (well, my page has anyway – but then it often is!)
grateful to live in a country where the vote was hard-won and still available.
noting that party tribalism has overtones of Roman factions and aware I’d never have known that without my work on Theodora (learning from one’s own work – amazing!) and thinking the Roman Greens probably don’t have too much to do with today’s.
remembering Norman Kirk and how they interrupted the telly to say he’d died.
remembering a huge row between my dad (worker, Labour) and his brother (farmer, National – Tory in NZ) and finding it both shocking and thrilling.
glad to vote.


  1. I am SO with you my sweet! x

  2. U r right when u say voting is a right an hard won one.
    It should be a duty !
    Anyway I feel this vote is really passionate in your country, maybe it is because labour is in charge since a long time. It will be interesting to see how the winning party will lead with a short majority.
    Ideas for a new book as time changes ?
    Eric writing from Paris

  3. It’s Tuesday and we’re still waiting – are you still hoping? I know I’m wishing! But fear – like I always do at an election – that some unsettling news is on the way. Glad, as always, that I was able to vote (and this time was special – we had an alleged homophobe to battle – and we won). Tick-tock, let’s see what is upon us by morning.

  4. depressing huh?

  5. Oh yes, and to compound that sinking feeling I read some realistic but depressing comments on Rose Collis’ facebook wall – reminding us of what we stand to lose as an LGBT community given certain characters’ track records. Still – we’re a hardy bunch, onwards and upwards.

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