Posted by: stelladuffy | July 17, 2010

“Noel Streatfield on crack”

there are lots of nice things in Tom Holland’s Theo review, but the line above has made my week. What with playing Brenda Garrett-Glassman in one of this week’s Lifegames (the first black dancer at the Royal Ballet School, a First Soloist with the Dance Theatre of Harlem) and now a Noel Streatfield comparison, it would appear my ballet dreams truly are complete.
(Yay for Mrs Givins.)


  1. So who got a really, really good review in The Grauniad today?


    *raised eeybrow*

    I’ve almost finished theo. Will blog on it when I have…

  2. heh – me! I’ll look forward to your blog. x

  3. Loving the article in the Evening Standard – fabulous picture. It led me to the Guardian article. Now I know why I loved Theodora – Ballet Shoes was (and in some respects still is) my favourite book of all time!

  4. Okayyyyyy…

    I did a sort of review – take a peek if so inclined!

  5. Great review in The Guardian Stella. I’ve included a link to that in my 9mm blog post/interview/article on you, which will be published on Crime Watch on Monday NZT/Sunday UK Time.

  6. thanks Craig, x

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