Posted by: stelladuffy | December 13, 2010

publishing explained

Right now there’s this and there’s this, which makes everything that comes after the actual writing part very tricky indeed.
What to do?
Write more, write better, edit more, edit harder, keep going.
Markets change, business models change, the need for well-written story never does.
Keep making, keep working. And you know that quiet time between Christmas and New Year when people keep saying ‘what are you doing in the break?’ – that’s a GREAT time for writing! No emails, no phone calls. Yay.


  1. Wait a second. I thought this was how a person got published: .

    (By the way, I found you via the Bywater website. Haven’t read any of your books yet, but I’m looking forward to it.)

  2. hah, I love that! it’s been doing the rounds of the writers I know – sadly very very true of too many conversations many of us have had!
    glad you found me via Bywater Sonja, some lovely women being very good for me in the US!

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