Posted by: stelladuffy | October 6, 2011

(not the) National Poet

it’s a two-blog day
it’s National Poetry Day
last night (again) I was mistaken for Carol Ann.
so, here’s my (one) poem :

I Don’t Write Poetry

I don’t write poetry
That’s Carol Ann.
Yes, I know you think you
studied me at school,
but you didn’t.
That’s Carol Ann.
Or maybe even Maureen?
It wasn’t me.
There’s the singer Duffy –
she’s new (compared to us) –
is that the one you mean?
No, I don’t write poetry.
That’s Carol Ann.


  1. Very funny maybe you should write some poetry

  2. Sheer poetry. Worthy of any poet laureate.

  3. Proper good poetry, Ms Duffy. Yes, I mean you.

  4. Ah, aren’t you all kind? X

  5. […] ps – I am, however, contrary to the one person’s belief on twitter, and the one woman in the ladies (why is it always in the loo??) NOT Carol Ann. Really, not. […]

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