Posted by: stelladuffy | December 10, 2011


Following (see also, copying) Val McDermid‘s lovely Christmas gift idea, here’s my story from Twelve Days. Commissioned and edited by Shelley Silas (I know! the nepotism!) and published by Virago in 2004. I’m fairly sure there must still be some copies knocking about signed by all twelve authors which would be a lovely collector’s item – and I recall the signing as a particularly fun afternoon. (Hangover less so …)

Merry Christmas, happy Hannukah, sweet solstice, happy holidays, and/or any other festival you fancy to light up the dark nights/cool down the hot hours – depending which hemisphere you’re in. xx

A Partridge in a Pear Tree


  1. Hi Stella,
    Many thanks i liked the story. Haoppy chridtmas to you

  2. Hope you have a lot of good breastrokes for the holiday. I still swim breastroke time to time but not so much butterfly.

  3. Don’t often swim breaststroke myself, hurts back, prefer freestyle.

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