Posted by: stelladuffy | February 14, 2012

an anti-Valentine

Cushla (from Singling out the Couples) is rather more Lupercalia than the commercialised hearts and flowers of our modern Valentine.
Here she is, towards the middle of the book, cutting out the heart that will insist on growing …

Singling Out the Couples, Chapter 27


  1. Lupercalia are you really going Roam here.

  2. Fantastic short film on gender bending. The book slightly “old” in its content. Tracy Emin’s work a bit to “christian”. yawned a bit but nice of you to put this together.

  3. er, thanks – but I think you’re referring to UpTheJunction at Whirled Cinema last night, not the chapter I’ve actually just posted? different book (not mine), different people, different all round …!

  4. ohhh! ok I see. there is a chapter somewhere, A book I presume. I am still a virgin to the blog industry.

    i did like the intro on “Lupercalia” doo. anyhow…..sounds a bit like —lubricant with history—.

    never read your books, but i will keep an eye open in bookshops.

  5. I mean Roman.

  6. I knew that!

  7. Oh my goodness this Chapter. I’ve read it twice in the space of half an hour. And I want more. Please.

  8. Thank you. There’s loads more where that came from – it’s a book. Available from all good stores and digital too …

  9. Oh yes, I’ve discovered. Loving every sentence and I am on chapter 10 still.


  10. hurrah!

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