Posted by: stelladuffy | May 9, 2014

time passes

I haven’t blogged much recently, that’s because I’ve been healing (and trying to work out a conflict I’ve been having personally about my breast cancer surgery/reconstruction, more of that when I work it out enough to write it), working like a very hardworking person on all sorts of lovely things (but mostly Fun Palaces and there will be more about that soon too), but also because there’s been some hard other stuff going on. Family stuff, dying stuff, caring stuff. Which my brilliant wife writes about, astonishingly well, on her blog here.


  1. Been thinking about you – had to fly back to NZ for my cousin’s funeral. She was only 65 and had a brain tumour.. Another cousin (a Lesbian) took the service – she has also battled cancer for 20 years. So hang in there.

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