Posted by: stelladuffy | December 5, 2015

How to tell if you’re a writer …

Is everyone else you know currently eating, drinking, sleeping, partying, holidaying, yet you’re at your desk?

Are there a dozen other things you’d honestly rather be doing, and yet you’re still at your desk?

Did you have no time to start this book/film/story but you kind of couldn’t stop yourself and now you have to see it through – all the way through?

Are you amazed when people say :
“I love writing” (because you love having written)
“the characters write themselves” (because you have to do all the typing and it pisses you off)
“I’ve got a great story for you” (trust me, you haven’t)

Are you a brilliant cook/gardener/house-tidier/accounts-doer (ie procrastinator)?

Do you think lists like this are about the idea of being a writer rather than actually writing?

Yes? Me too. Which is why I’m writing now, not reading a blog/book/attending a class/watching another writer talk about being a writer.

How to tell if you’re a writer?  Write.



  1. This isn’t a very exciting comment, but I am spending more and more time sitting down and writing, and I have started to lose muscle!

    I enjoy writing very much and try not to whip myself up about it when it’s not going well. And I seem to need a zillion proof reads . . . This is a fact.

    My real comment is to say ‘Hi, Glad to see you looking well. I missed the recent event at Camberwell Library due to a clash with something else. I was also intrigued about the Loughborough Junction house clearance sales you referred to. I’ve just tried to google them to no avail . . .

    I recently published 52LOVES: writers from around the world short stories and poems, which has 29 authors. You might know a few of them: Cherry Smyth, Gerard Guix?

  2. hi Yolanda, I don’t recall referring to an LJ house clearance? tho if it was in reference to The Room of Lost Things it was written over a decade ago …

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